Nick Preddice


Behavioral Finance Coach
Philanthropist and Speaker

Nick Preddice is an engaging, humorous, and passionate speaker and motivator. His is a unique gift of telling true, real life stories in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening.

As a Behavioral Finance Coach, Nick brings his audience to a fresh understanding of money as it relates to their life’s journey. Through actual stories, Nick demonstrates to his audience how to change their behavior today to accomplish their goals and dreams.

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Keeping Your Financial Promises: Powerful Tools That Will Change Your Financial Behavior For Life

We promise our children a good education. We promise ourselves time to enjoy our children and grandchildren. Spouses promise each other their dream home, well deserved vacations, a retirement full of new experiences, and most important, a sense of security and wellbeing.

These promises and goals are precious, yet we often procrastinate and close our eyes to what it will take to experience them.

With humor, passion and financial savvy, Nick gets to the core of:

  • Why we procrastinate
  • Why we save “saving” until it’s too late
  • Why we don’t like to talk about our money, so we don’t get the advice

How to Align Your Financial Behavior With Your Values and Priorities

Discover Your Path to Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

Most of us rarely think about money in terms of our values. Having money becomes an end unto itself. Our goals in life are based on a “number in the air”. These artificial goals turn into “must haves” that take all of our focus, instead of being meaningful intentions to fulfill our purpose and dreams.

In this interactive talk, Nick will bring you to a position of making every day financial decisions and long term goals based on your personal values and beliefs.



Your Business Beyond You: Get Past the Discomfort and Plan Now

You have built your business through drive and perseverance over the years. It is your creation, your “baby’. You want to see it live on for generations.

Sadly, the statistics are not in your favor. Studies show that 1 in 3 businesses pass to the next generation. Less than 10% of businesses even last to see the 3rd generation take over (The Family Business Institute).


Estate Planning is a Non-negotiable Activity

Explore the questions and the steps to that will allow you to make your “wish list” legal now, so someone you hardly know will not be doing it for you later.

You will leave with your questions answered, fears allayed, and a blueprint for action that will give peace and security to your family and employees.



Auto Dealers

You Are The Driver of Your Own Journey. Did You Remember the Road Map?

You have sold cars to many generations of drivers. You have taught them, and guided them. You moderated the husband wife “differences of opinion” and stood by those dads buying their little girl her first car.

You are a successful business owner; experienced, seasoned, smart, and you have done well. The same drive that makes you successful can also keep you from keeping your eyes on the road- your road.



Make Your Daily Actions Those of a Successful Business Owner
and you will be one!

You have made the decision to be an entrepreneur. Your dreams and goals loom large in front of you. Perhaps they include such things as a bigger home, college funding for your children, being out of credit card debt, having a substantial emergency fund, taking special vacations, enjoying an “early” retirement, and leaving a legacy.

The focus of this talk centers on the question: “Is your behavior consistent with your priorities?” Are you willing and equipped to do what is required to succeed, every day?



Attracting and Resonating with Donors: A Philanthropist’s Personal Perspective

At age 33, Nick Preddice was already on a journey of philanthropic endeavors, and encouraging others to embrace that path. Unique in his thinking, Nick will share with your attendees ways to reach and resonate with people like him.


Life Fulfillment Through Your Giving Potential

Nick Preddice speaks from the heart of his own personal continuous journey in giving. Through his real life stories, he explains the why, the how, and the when of giving according to one’s own life values and desire for happiness and fulfillment.


Board Meetings That Rock

What is in and what is out

Discussing event details is out. Discovering who knows who is in.
Designing the logo is out. Building a fund raising network is in.
Contentious board members hijacking the meeting is out.
Finding solutions and getting what matters done, is in...

During this fast paced, interactive workshop, Nick Preddice will walk directors, staff, board presidents and members through new rules of engagement that puts what matters most first.