Why a Behavioral Finance Coach

As a principal of the Affinity Group, LLC, I am often asked, “What exactly does it mean when you say you are a Behavioral Finance Coach?” I can understand the question, as there is big line up of “coaches” around right now that are not part of a sports team. Many seek to help people achieve success, or realize their dreams.

Interesting enough, as Behavioral Finance Coaches, we focus on the results of success, and more importantly on solving the problems that can arise from being highly successful. It is all about behavior. 

The Consequences of Procrastination

Far too often, highly successful business people put off crucial decisions because they aren't urgent. Let me share a story

Fred ran his very successful company for over 30 years. He built it into a powerhouse, grossing over 50 million per year. Sally, his wife of over 40 years raised their kids and managed their home. As Fred was such an astute businessman, she assumed he had taken care of everything and she had nothing to worry about.

The Personal Challenges for Successful Business Owners

Many times, the attributes and characteristics that drive business owners like yourself to great success may also cause them to take, or ignore unnecessary risks. Let me share with you some of the statements I have so often heard from fellow business owners.

“My business is like my child”

Translation: I can't possibly see it objectively.
Much like we all think our child is the cutest, the smartest or the best athlete, so too do many business owners think their business is the one that stands head and shoulders above their competitor’s. They believe that the employees will never leave, and that the busi- ness will sell for full value the day they are ready to retire. Perhaps a triumph of hope over reality?


The official launch of
through the personal stories and experiences of family business owners across the country

A study being conducted by Nicholas Preddice and associate researchers and writers in collaboration with the Mount. St. Mary College Business Department

March 30th, 6:00pm at Mount St. Mary College,
Dominican Center, Room 218.
The panel participants will be area long standing successful business owners, and family members who may be in place to take over the leadership of a business. Senior business students will join moderator Nick Preddice in posing key questions to the panel.

Why numerous experts are talking about the fact that Baby Boomer owners are facing the greatest generational gap ever in terms of handing over the business to family?

Are cultural and generational factors leading to the demise of the family business?

This event is open to the public


We are seeking family business owners who have note-worthy and thought provoking personal stories who are willing to be interviewed;
With all permissions in place, selected interviews and discussions will be published with conclusions drawn by known experts on the American family business from organizations such as The Family Business Institute, as well as from contributors to such publications as Forbes, Success, Inc. and The Harvard Review.

If you are interested please contact Susan Valentine at 845-728-1289. or email: SNValentine@verizon.net


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